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Saturday, July 21, 2012


Wow I have not posted anything in forever. Well hopefully you will enjoy this little piece I have written for you...

You know what, are you sick of hearing about this election in the news? The only event that has seemed able to distract our wonderful news media from it has been the horrifying theater massacre, and even that will only distract the media from the election for perhaps a week at most.  Elections are annoying, especially because everyone knows they are filled with filthy politicians/lawyers that have alway been ambitious pricks that only care about putting themselves on the top of the food chain and making everyone else suffer for it.  Yes of course it can be worse.  I am sure several of you are horrified that I could dare ever have the gaul to make fun of such a "stable" and "fair" political system as our own.  Duh things could be worse.  We could be living in Syria right now.  However, things could be better in my opinion.  In fact, I have an idea that may just do away with politicians and make the American government truly "by the people" and "for the people."

My idea is quite simple really.  It is not democracy, it is not a dictatorship, it will be a "randomocracy." The name clearly explains it, government officials would not be elected, they would be randomly appointed.  Every position in government would be randomly assigned.  Even the President would be randomly given to a US citizen.  This would guarantee that literally any American can become President.  No matter your beliefs, your height, your race, or your wealth, you have an equal chance with anyone else.  The one percent will no longer have a strangle hold on political power.  Running for office would no longer only available to the select few entrenched in the political machine.  The media will no longer pick winners and losers.  The Ron Pauls of the world can actually get elected.  Instead of choosing between two Ivy league elites, the choice will be between anyone who lives in this country.

The only thing democratic about our "democracy" is
the one vote you get at the ballot box before your "elected"
representative goes wild.
Now of course people will say that having no elections would be a cardinal sin.  I however say it may indeed be the next step to true progress.  First, how much choice have you ever really had in an election anyway?  Yay, you get to choose between two people you hate, both of whom were selected by the elites who dominate both parties.  Both of whom rose through the ranks because they went to the right school, made friends with the right people, and were genetically blessed with good looks and above average height.  Everything leading up to the election had absolutely nothing to do with how much average Americans liked them and had everything to do with how much far above average elite Americans liked them.  The only part of our democracy which is democratic is the single vote you cast at the polling booth.  Everything else is precluded by the elites.  The candidates have been chosen for you.  All you get to do is pick which worm you like best.
Pretty much....

Second, how democratic is a system that allows people to be in office for 40+years? Something is wrong when a congressman can cement his grip on his constituency to the point that he can consistently win reelection 40 years straight then die in office.  That is not democracy, that is oligarchy.

Randomocracy would actually be more democratic than democracy.  Demographics and statistics would inevitably lead to a fair proportion of every constituency having their views espoused in government.  And of course the officials would be cycled out regularly to make sure no one gains an iron grip on power.  Then of course make sure to ban any sort of financial contribution to anyone that has been appointed randomly for the rest of their lives.  Once all that is in place I guarantee we would have a much more representative system than we have now.  No longer would the power elite have a strangle hold on what the issues are and what we should do about them. The general desires of the public would be fulfilled instead of the special interests of select token groups.

Yes, each individual would only wish to do what they believe the country needs.  However, when every random representative does that you would garner the collective will of the people to a far greater degree than any electoral system ever could.  The reason is clear.  Randomocracy would virtually eliminate the middle man in the democratic process.  Their will no longer be an elite acting as an intermediary between the people and their desires.  Now, the people will literally rule themselves.  Government would now be literally be "by the people" instead of "by elites acting supposedly on behalf of the people."

It is time to usher in a new era! Throw out the aristocracy! Take the next step in history! Bring about the last step in the political evolution of man! RANDOMOCRACY!!!

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