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Monday, March 24, 2014

We Need to Wake Up!

He knew inside, deep inside, that something was terribly wrong.  Everyone kept scurrying about as if this was normal, but he knew better.  He knew they were all as good as dead.  He knew they were walking corpses, and that there was no turning back.  Yet he clung to the hope that he could save them.  He chose to believe that he could make a difference.  He saw a tall building, far off in the distance, the tallest in the land, and walked towards it.  He was determined to go to the top of that tower, and from there tell all who would hear what was happening.  He would proclaim the end of the world bravado, and wake everyone up to the impending doom.  Even better, he would offer the solution to save the world from its demise.  

He climbed 100 stories to reach the top, and looked down at everyone.  They all looked like ants from here.  Ants scurrying about from one task to the other.  However there was one crucial difference.  Ants work for eachother, while these creatures only worked for themselves.  They only worked for their own happiness, and unless they worked together this once, the world for sure would end.  Evil was prevailing while everyone looked the other way.  A tear rolled down his face as he contemplated this, but decided to face down the enemy head on anyway.  He looked out over the horizon, took a deep breath, and yelled out the truth for all to hear.  He yelled the truth for hours.  Before he knew it, it had been days. 

A week later he was exhausted, he climbed down the tower, hoping that people heard and decided to listen.  He opened the gates at the bottom of the tower and peered outside, and was aghast.  The sky was turning red, and a massive inferno was heading straight towards them, yet everyone kept going about their business.  It was disturbing to see, yet the inferno, while ghastly, was subtle.  Only slowly was it killing them.  However he thought for sure they must know.  He saw a man, and ran towards him.  He asked the man, "did you hear what I said from the tower?!  We must stop this!! We are all slowly dying! We will die anyday now!"  The man said, "Oh please don't bother me with that.  I don't vote."  He walked up to a woman and asked her.  She said, "You trying to tell me what to do? I don't have to listen to this."  She stomped away in anger.  He could barely believe his eyes.  People continued to live in revelry, and ignore the leviathan staring them in the face, waiting to kill them.  People chose not to care.  They chose to believe it didn't effect them.  

How can I or anyone make a difference if no one will listen.  I have realized no one will, or at least the masses never will.  The political machine has been rigged to minimize visible damage to the masses on one hand while raping them with the other.  Yet its all in secret.  Its actually very visible, but no one will take the 5 seconds to care.  What has happened to us!?  I watched a documentary on the Arab Spring in Egypt and was deeply moved.  The people were mobilized to take down the corrupt elite.  Yet here in America, we let the corrupt elite, the same corrupt elite that brought about the Great Recession, to rule the roost, as long as they give us our goodies.  Yet we really aren't getting anything.  Its a bit like giving you candy then stealing your car.  We apparently don't care, which is reflected by our voting record.  We choose to stay aloof from politics because they are all corrupt, yet its exactly that attitude that allows the corruption to run rampant.  I suppose we deserve the masters we have chosen.  Congratulations America, while you watch "The Real Desperate Housewives of New Jersey,"  "The Real Politicians of DC" will be watching and controlling you.

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