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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Whatever happened to Patience?

Whatever happened to Patience? Nobody knows.  It seems to have disappeared.  I cannot recall the last time I saw the fuzzy little critter walking around.  I think he has gone hiding.  After all, no one really likes him after all.  He used to have many friends that appreciated his company, but he is too slow for them.  They want things now, not later.  He dares insist on waiting for things.  He dares insist that we cannot have our way all the time, that sometimes we actually have to wait quite some time before we get what we want.  He tells his friends that if they want something, they will have to work long and hard to get it.  He insists that it is better to wait for some things than to indulge them instantly.  
All his former friends have cast him aside because he dares to demand such things from them.  They don't want to wait for pleasure, that would be the end of the world.  Everything glorious in life should be handed to them on a silver platter.  Everything in life should be free.  They should not have to work for anything.  They despise Patience, because he does not echo their delusional fantasies.  

If there is anything America lacks, its patience.  If there is anything America needs more than anything, its patience.  Patience could be a great friend, if Americans would give him the time of day.  All of our problems could be solved if we were just a little patient.  We demand entertainment 24/7.  We insist that every "need" of ours be filled instantly.  If its not, we complain that life is not fair.  Think about, why does  society insist on abortion?  Why does it need abortion? Because it is not patient.  People do not want to wait until they are financially independent and stable to have kids.  They want the pleasure without the consequences.  In addition, people want cheap sex now without having to develop a fulfilling relationship with the person.  Relationships take time, and no one wants to take time.  

Government likewise is a mess because of our lack of patience.  If people were patient, then maybe they would give solutions the time of day that in the long run will benefit everyone but in the short run may cost us a lot.  The short term is always benefited over the longterm, to our detriment.  Think about it, when planning out your finances, its best to think what your long term needs are.  However, most don't.  Most splurge their paycheck and go into debt, because it is the now that matters to them, not tomorrow.  When tomorrow comes, they will regret their decision.

Ultimately I believe our lack of patience is directly related to our affluence.  Time is expensive now.  We are used to buying things instantly, and with purchasable commodities that is fine.  However, we have lost our way with the intangibles that one cannot buy.  Friendship cannot be bought.  One has to work hard to build a friendship.  No matter how much money you make, you can only make friends by investing time into them.  Likewise, some problems require time to fix.  Our society cannot buy away every problem with money.  Some things simply take time, and no amount of money can change that.  A plant takes so long to grow up, and no amount of money can change that.  Likewise, some problems take a long time to solve, and no amount of money can change that.  If Patience was our friend, then nothing could stand in our way.  Lets regain his friendship before it is too late.

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