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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Austin baby!

Yeah thats Austin, no big deal.
Just giving everyone a heads up!  I will be traveling to the grand capital of Tejas: Austin!  I am going today and will not be back till Sunday.  Therefore, I probably will not be able to post anything until Sunday afternoon.  I hope that does not bum anyone out too much (the few of you there are that regularly read my ramblings).  However, Austin is quite the hip city I have heard, and I intend to enjoy its hipness very much.  I recall reading actually in Forbes magazine that one year they rated Austin the most hip city in the United States for young people.  I am a young person, therefore obviously Austin will be amazing.  I have been there before for a swim meet, but have never really explored the city in all its glory.  I hope to come back a hipper Texan than before.  See you all laters! And make sure to check back Sunday!

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