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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Laziness: the Silent Killer

There is a pandemic that has hit this nation.  It is a subtle killer.  It has claimed more lives than perhaps anything else in America, yet has been completely ignored by almost everyone.  The disease, is laziness.  Many problems we suffer have been spawned directly by this disease.  Worst, there is no pill you can take to cure it or vaccination you can take to prevent it.  The good thing is, no one has to suffer the disease.  Everyone can avoid the disease, yet many succumb anyway.  This is a warning to America, get off your couches and stop being lazy!

Definitely the wrong attitude to have.  You will
regret it in the future.
Those who come down with laziness think that they are blessed.  They revel initially in the disease.  They stop cleaning, working, cooking, hanging out with people, etc.  They stop doing anything that takes any physical or mental exertion.  Granted, it feels great at first, but quickly that great feeling deteriorates into guilt and self-loathing.  The victims feel worthless, for they are not contributing anything to anyone, and are being nothing more than a leach, sapping the blood out of America's rotting corpse.

Even worse, society has made antidotes to the disease that alleviate its symptoms but inevitably keep people hooked on the disease.  These antidotes deceive people into feeling that they are accomplishing something.  The antidote is video games, and it has racked America's youth.  Our young have fallen into the disease in droves because video games have provided a way to feel productive without producing anything of value.  Leveling up in Call of Duty or building the ultimate civilization in Civilization 5 have given many a false sense of productivity, but will ultimately leave them wanting as well.  If those who suffer this disease are to achieve any progress, they must first stop playing video games so excessively and start finding other activities that benefit others.

Diligence: the ultimate cure for
The time spent being lazy could be spent cleaning, working, cooking, socializing, working out, etc.  The time spent being lazy could be channeled to cultivate your brain and develop skills and/or connections that will help you achieve your goals.  Everyone has goals, but those goals cannot be achieved if you are lazy.  Likewise, this recession has lingered.  America, if it is to get out of this recession, must rely on the young workers to lead the charge.  The young these days have more resources at their disposal than anyone else to begin finding creative and innovating ways to improve society and earn a living, yet fewer today than ever before are actively utilizing the resources available to them.  One can learn almost anything on the internet.  One can find likeminded people on the internet that eventually can help you achieve your goals.  Get involved, get off the couch and begin finding ways to utilize the resources you have all around you.

I am in this predicament myself.  I know I have the resources to pursue my goals and dreams, but too often the laziness bug strikes and paralyzes me.  Say no to laziness!  I pledge myself to stop being lazy. I pledge myself to rigorously pursue my goals.  Will you pledge the same?  The disease can be defeated.  Those who have overcame the disease have never regretted it.  Those who do not suffer from it are more fulfilled and happy people.  You can be fulfilled and happy as well.  Do not let the opportunity pass you by.  Begin fighting laziness today!

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